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june, 2024

What will be your largest expense in retirement?

What will be the biggest risk that you’ll face in retirement?

For some, taxes could become their largest expense in retirement while the possibility of future tax rate increases could prove to be their greatest risk.

To further complicate matters retirement plan withdrawals, Social Security benefits and many other aspects of retirement are all interconnected and potentially impacted by taxes.

As long as a person uses legal methods to reduce taxes, spendable income in retirement can increase without increasing exposure to risk of investment losses.


This course was designed for those who are retired or approaching retirement. Its emphasis is on the importance of taking a more forward facing view of taxes and planning. Attendees will learn details of Social Security benefit taxation, including how different sources of income can either increase or reduce those taxes. And the course will explore Roth conversion strategies as well as other ways to create a more tax-efficient retirement.


The objective of this course is to identify possible opportunities to reduce taxation of Social Security benefits, retirement plan withdrawals and Medicare surcharge premiums so that attendees will be better prepared to discuss these topics with their tax professionals and financial advisors.


  • Uncle Sam’s share of your retirement accounts

  • Opportunities to reduce or eliminate Social Security taxation

  • The hidden “tax” of Medicare premium surcharges

  • Should you convert to a tax free Roth IRA

  • Roth conversion strategies

  • Other tax free cash flow opportunities

  • How to be tax wise in retirement


Registered attendees receive the interactive Retirement POWr workbook. Throughout the Tax Wise POWr course, this workbook is referenced and attendees are encouraged to complete sections with the information they have learned. Upon completion of the course, this workbook becomes a simple but valuable resource that attendees can use to discuss these issues with their tax professional.

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june, 2024