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Four Cornerstone classes to build a solid retirement

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FREE multi-lesson video courses on key retirement topics.

Retirement Step-By-Step Video Course

Lesson 01: Finding The Perfect Investment

Looking for smooth sailing?

You can’t guarantee that retirement will be smooth sailing, but with the right knowledge you can be better prepared to weather the challenges.


Lesson 2

This lesson focuses on how to be tax wise during retirement by becoming better tax diversified.

Lesson 3

Learn how to transfer savings from employer provided 401k or other retirement plans with an IRA rollover.

Lesson 4

Being tax wise during retirement requires understanding how Social Security benefits are taxed.

Lesson 5

Watch a brief case study illustrating how annuities add greater certainty to retirement income.

Lesson 6

Indexed annuities can help grow savings when markets are up, while protecting against market losses.

View all six videos in this Retirement Step-by-Step course.

Supersizing Social Security Video Course

Lesson 01: Top 5 Considerations for Supersizing Benefits

Maximizing Social Security

Is it time for Social Security? Well, why not have it supersized? This library of educational videos is devoted to helping you to maximize all that you’ve got coming from your Social Security.

Lesson 2

Learn the importance of your full retirement age and why it may not be the best age to start collecting benefits

Lesson 3

The way benefits are taxed can come as a surprise. Learn more about the Social Security tax torpedo.

Lesson 4

The focus of this lesson is on maximizing the spousal benefits available to many married couples.

Lesson 5

Divorced spouses may be eligible to claim benefits based on an ex-spouse’s Social Security record.

Lesson 6

The age you start collecting retirement benefits can have a large impact on the amount of any survivor benefits.

Lesson 7

In this lesson we will focus on the earnings test and how benefits can be impacted by continued employment.

Lesson 8

Some public sector employees face possible reductions in benefits due to WEP and GPO provisions.

Lesson 9

In this lesson we will provide instructions for obtaining your benefit statement online from the Social Security website.

View all nine videos in this Supersizing Social Security course.

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Medicare Made Easy Video Course

Lesson 01: Deciding Between Your Two Medicare Paths

It’s game time.

Ready? Because this video course is purely educational and is designed to walk you through Medicare step-by-step and get you over the finish line. Best of all, it’s 100% FREE. No catch, no gimmick, no product pitch and no pressure.

Lesson 2

Three life events determine when you can enroll in Medicare without lifetime penalties. Learn which might be the best for you.

Lesson 3

There are six gaps in what Medicare covers. Learn about supplemental plans that can help you reduce your out-of-pocket health care expenses.

Lesson 4

Budgeting for future health care is important when planning your retirement. In this lesson you’ll learn about Medicare related expenses.

Lesson 5

Drug coverage is a key to comprehensive health care. Learn about the two basic ways to help pay for your medications.

Lesson 6

Advantage plans are another health care option. Many offer additional benefits and charge no premiums, but do have other restrictions.

View all six videos in this Medicare Made Easy course.


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Webinars are a convenient way to gain insights into issues and strategies that can impact retirement. Recorded webinars allow you to learn on your own schedule.
RECORDED. Harvesting Retirement Plans Webinar

Topics: How to protect against market fluctuations | How to protect against inflation | How to protect against outliving your savings | Using IRA rollovers to continue tax deferral | How to protect against long term care expenses

Learn More
RECORDED. Tax Wise Retirement Webinar

Topics: Uncle Sam’s Share of Your Retirement Accounts | Reduce or Eliminate Social Security Taxation | Roth Conversion Strategies | Tax Free Cash Flow | How to be Tax Wise in Retirement

Learn More
RECORDED. Supersizing Social Security Webinar

Topics: Retirement Benefits | Benefits for Spouses | Divorced Spouse Benefits | Benefits for Surviving Spouses | Taxation of Benefits

Learn More
RECORDED. Medicare Made Easy Webinar

Topics: Enrollment Rules | Medicare Parts A-B-C-D | Medicare Advantage Plans | Prescription Drug Plans | Avoiding the “Donut-Hole”

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Cornerstone Retirement Education Course

Attend at a library, college or other location near you.

There are four cornerstones at the foundation of a secure retirement. You must make the right decisions when it comes to taking distributions from  your retirement plans,  you must select the Social Security and Medicare options that best fit your needs and circumstances, and you must be tax-wise in retirement.  Attend this FREE series and learn them all!

FREE – Four separate Cornerstone classes to help you build a solid retirement.


Properly Harvesting Retirement Plans


Topics covered in this workshop:

  • Income and Market Fluctuations

  • Boosting After-Tax Spendable Income

  • Boosting After-Tax Spendable Income

  • The Social Security, IRA / 401k Plan Connection

  • The Single Biggest Retirement Mistake


Enjoying A Tax Wise Retirement


Topics covered in this workshop:

  • Taxable Retirement Plans

  • Roth Conversion Strategies

  • Social Security’s Tax Torpedo

  • Increased Cost of Medicare

  • The Single Biggest Mistake!


Supersize Social Security


Topics covered in this workshop:

  • Retirement Benefits

  • Benefits for Spouses

  • Divorced Spouse Benefits

  • Benefits for Surviving Spouses

  • Taxation of Benefits


Mastering Medicare


Topics covered in this workshop:

  • Enrollment Rules

  • Medicare Parts A & B

  • Medigap / Medicare Supplements

  • Part D Prescription Drug Plans

  • The Biggest Mistake!

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Every few weeks educational videos are posted that address key retirement issues and strategies. By subscribing (FREE) to this video blog, these videos will appear directly in your email inbox.

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  • Step-by-Step filing instructions

  • Making correct decisions can mean tens of thousands in extra retirement dollars


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Blake M. Campbell, Sr.
OneSource Financial Group

Blake Campbell is a financial advisor, insurance agent and a benefit consultant with over 25 years of practical business experience. Blake earned his finance degree from Auburn University and a Master’s in Hospital Administration from The University of Alabama-Birmingham. However, Blake will tell you sarcastically that he earned his ‘PhD’ from the School of Hard Knocks!

After earning and losing his wealth in the market during the dot com crash of 2000 and the great recession of ’08, he went on a quest to find a way to not only earn money, but KEEP the savings & growth and use it in a retirement plan that you can’t outlive! He believes he discovered that there is a way to accomplish the goal of financial freedom and describes the process by writing the foreword in the book: Peace of Mind Planning: Losing Money is No Longer an Option, where the author outlines for the aspiring retiree in great details the power of using all available assets, risk abatement strategies and tax reduction tools.

In this website, Blake’s goal is to help the clients within 5 years of retiring to learn about and Focus on the Four Pillars of Retirement: Medicare & Long-term care Insurance – Social Security claiming strategies – Integrating Retirement products while – Optimizing tax-efficiency. There are many ways to plan your retirement and lots of advisors will offer their opinion. However, we don’t offer an opinion but offer mathematical and actuarial factual proven strategies to retire without running out of money.

Blake and his team work with current clients and their friends through referrals by offering services and products from OneSource Financial for those entering retirement/ OneSource Wealth Advisors for those still building their plan and asset protection planning – OneSource Insurance for personal lines insurance such as auto-home- flood-life-personal umbrella plans and OneSource Group for business clients for payroll-benefits-workers comp-401-K and executive bonus plans.

Please reach out to us for any of the above-mentioned services by clicking the links below:

OneSource Advisors
OneSource Group
OneSource Insurance

When Blake is not working and helping clients- he loves to watch his two girls Cheyenne and Chelsea sing, dance and act and play ball or fish with his son Blake. Blake is happily married to Darlayna for the past 22 years! The family attends church at Christ Fellowship- Vero Beach. The company and family support children in foreign countries through Compassion International and World Vision as well as supporting our veterans through Wounded Warriors and various local charities and schools.

Blake M. Campbell, Sr, CCFS
OneSource Financial Group
601 21st Street | Third Floor
Vero Beach | FL | 32960




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